Headphones and Mustache


Southgaterecording is located in the middle of the Bruce.  It offers a tranquil and undisturbed recording experience


Located in the beautiful town of Holstein, Ontario, Southgate Recording is a boutique studio focused on the needs of todays recording artist.  We record Bands, Audio books, as well as mixing and mastering. 


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Under the leadership of James Robertson, Southgate Recording specializes in bands and artist driven productions. His vast experience in the genres of rock and pop, as well as extensive training in classical, jazz, and modern urban sounds will provide you with a versatile approach and the ability to execute any musical direction you choose. Instrumentals can be recorded live off the floor via you or your band, or by one of our hand selected recording professionals, who will ensure a perfect take for your track. In addition, with access to the latest music software, we can round out your production and either add or augment existing sounds with an endless supply of samples or synthesized parts. Our laid back atmosphere, and comfortable setup allows each artist to find their own inspiration without feeling the pressure so many bigger studios seem to place on their artists. We want you to want to record. It is as simple as that.


Whether you are starting from scratch, and building up your sound with our in-house production, or simply needing to add parts to fill out the sound, our world class studio space will help you get your song where it needs to be. Clients can make use of state of the art vocal booths, amp rooms, or our live room, to make sure every take is absolute perfection. Our signal chains are proven, utlizing analog outboard gear as well as premium software emulators, you can rest assured that whatever you record here will sound fantastic.


If you've already got tracks that have been produced, arranged, and mixed, but want to give them that final polish before sending them out into the world - no problem! With our access to the UA plugin and Slate Digital libraries, as well as countless other hardware and software options, we can ensure the final sound is run through a signal path that is on par with any other studio - past or present. And if you love the analog warmth that has become so elusive to our digital world, you have come to the right place.


Artists that have painstakingly recorded all or part of an album elsewhere often find it difficult to know what to do with the tracks. You've undoubtedly spent lots of time and money making sure they sound terriffic, so the perfect mix is the next step. Whether part of the production is done in house, or none, we will use state of the art hardware and software options to bring out the warmth, clarity, and presence that your music demands. And if you want to have more of a say in the final product, don't worry - some studios discourage their clients from sitting in on mix sessions, but we are happy to say we are not one of them. We would love to have you sit in as the mix is sculpted and honed, and help us achieve your creative objectives.





Monitors Yamaha HS80 Dynaudio Acoustic Auratones Preamps/rack gear Great River API 3124 Millenia HV-3D Avalon 737 Pre73 Radial JD7 ADA MP-1 UAD Apollo Guitar Pedals Fulltone OCD MXR Microamp MXR Phase90 MXR Dynacomp Boss DS-1 Distortion Boss Digital Delay Boss Blues Driver Boss Noise Surpresser Garagetone Drive Train Garagetone Xotic Effects AC Xotic Effects BB Visual Sound Liquid Chorus T.c. electronics Hall of Fame Wampler Triple Wreck Great River API 3124 Millenia HV-3D Avalon 737 Pre73 Radial JD7 ADA MP-1 Microphones Neumann M147 414 Slate VMS Virtual Mic System Sm7b Sm57 (Multiple) Neumann km44 (Pair) Apex 210 (Pair) Rode K2 (Pair) RE20 Seinheiser 421 Seinheiser D112 Seinheiser 906 Shure VP88


Guitars (Electric) Fender Stratocaster (American) Fender Stratocaster (Japanese) Fender Telecaster (American) Fender Mustang Fender Jazz Master Gibson Les Paul Gibson SG Godin LG PRS Carvin Dan Electro Epiphone Gretch Baritone EVH Music Man Pedal Steel Steinberger Spirit Acoustic Guitars Taylor Kala Uke Crafter Mandoline Aria Classical Guitar Epiphone 4 String Banjo Regal Dobro Bass Music Man 5 String Fender Jazz Fender Precision (Matt) Warwick Fender Fretless Keyboards Hammond B3 Fender Rhodes Upright Piano Juno 106 Juno 6 Oberheim OBX Roland Gaia Clavinet


Pro Tools Digital Performer Logic Audio Garage Band UAD Plug-Ins Sound Toys Native Instruments Komplete Vienna Instruments Arturia V Collection Omnisphere Slate VBC Slate VTM Slate FGX Slate VCC


Southgate Studios Contains the following rooms: Live room Control Room Vocal Booth Amp Room Artist lounge (Upstairs Loft)



Southgate Recording has worked alongside an impressive roster of talented artists over a 17 year span.